Proudly made in USA.
Patent 6,637,160
Extend your season or swim year round!

Solar properties will increase water temperature by up to 25 degrees.
Free your pool from debris, insects and animals.

Will not obstruct your view

Can withstand a 2000lb-distributed load in a five-foot radius.
Wind rated up to 146mph.
Lifts up for easy pool access.

Improves child safety

Solar properties will increase water temperature by up to 25 degrees.
Save money on chemicals and water.
No pumping water off cover.

Safety Cover

Sky Dome is an easy to open telescopic roof system that lets you turn any room or indoor space into an open-air environment in less than a minute with a simple opening system. Sky Dome can be utilized as an observatory and also meets certain religious requirements

Sky Dome can be attached to an existing structure or be free standing.

Safety Cover

Aqua Shield, Inc. Enclosure is a Telescopic structure. Property Taxes will not increase. Aqua Shield telescopic enclosures are designed to the latest 2010 New York State Building Code (which is based on the 2006 International Building Code and its Supplements), the 2010 Specification for Aluminum Structures by the Aluminum Association, and other building codes and standards referenced therein. Inquire with your local township for any requirements. Aqua Shield can design structures customized to meet local codes and standards upon request.

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Safety Cover